40,000 Facebook Fans!

40,000 Facebook Fans

We made it!  40k.  Whew.

How did we do it?  (More importantly, how can YOU do it??)

Here are some of my reflections at this point… (Previous reflections can be found here.)

1. Blood, sweat and tears.

2. Try to have fun.  (Despite #1)

3. Grow a thicker skin.  (No idea how to do this… I just know we all need to.)

4. Stop hearing ”no.”  Start hearing “not now.”  Let’s face it – at a certain point nobody is going to say no to you. You just have to reach that threshold.  Keep going.

5.  Burnout.  We are human.  We get weary.  Find creative ways to reignite your vigor and enthusiasm.  Remember why you started.  Remind yourself often.

6.  Engage in a variety of platforms.  Otherwise known as – don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.  Pinterest is my playground when Facebook starts feeling like work.

7. “It should be easier.”  It isn’t.  Get over it & get to work.  This is a dream.  Dreams take mind-blowing effort to bring into reality.  What’s your dream?  How important is it?  Don’t stop.

8.  Count your blessings.  Over and over again.

9. The best thing about social media is the friends you make – people that “real life” would never have sent your way.  I cherish my online buds.  They make it worth it.  They make it fun.  They make it real.

10. Set new goals.  And work obsessively until you get there…  50k – here we come!