Snack Bats

You’ve heard of fruit bats… and now you know about veggie bats too!  This is a fun craft and snack in one!

Fruit Veggie Bat Snack Craft

Adapted from our Butterfly Snacks.  You will need:


Clothes Pins

Black Pipe Cleaner

Black Paint

Googly Eyes


Black Card Stock Paper

Snack of Choice (We chose carrots, celery, grapes & orange slices.)

Fruit Veggie Bat Snack Craft

Great for Halloween gatherings!  If you are doing this with younger children or at an event with limited time, you may want to pre-paint the clothes pins so they are dry and ready when you assemble.  And if you are working with small children, you will want to pre-cut the wings as well.  Other than that, this is a super simple craft activity.

Fruit Veggie Bat Snack Craft

Healthy Halloween!