Cherry Chomper

Summer is here!  And that means cherries!  Cherries invoke wonderful childhood memories — sitting on the front porch with my cousins, discussing what would happen if we swallowed a pit.  (A cherry tree would grow out of our ears, of course.)  I associate cherries with hot sun, bare feet, running through the sprinklers.  Even as an adult I look forward to cherry season.  To my delight, this season, sitting just beside the cherries in the produce section of New Seasons was a funny little guy called a “Cherry Chomper.”  When my daughter asked if we could buy one, all I could say was a resounding, “Yes!!!”

IMG_9740Even the packaging is mega adorbs!

Cherry Chomper

The kids were super excited to get started pitting cherries.

Bella and JacksonIMG_9818IMG_9789

Oh, it was fun, fun, fun!  I am thinking this is going to be the gift we give to anyone with a summer birthday this year.  Unique, engaging and kid safe.

If your local store is not carrying this… then check out the Talisman Designs website.  Looks like they are selling it through Amazon.