Doll Diaper Bag & Diapers

A Dream Come True for my Doll-obsessed Child.

Bella turned 7 last week.  A special gift arrived in the mail.  It was what she has been dreaming of — a real diaper bag and diapers for her doll.  When she opened the package she said “Now I can be a real Mommy!”  True to her word, she packs the diaper bag for every outing — the store, the park, the library.  Wherever we go, the bag goes too — because when you are a mommy, you must anticipate your baby’s every need.

Doll diaper bag and diapers

Bitty Baby is Bella’s favorite doll.  She goes everywhere with us… and now the diaper bag and diapers go too!

doll diaper bag and diapers

Bitty Baby came with diapers, but they were thin and flimsy — not at all like real diapers.  We searched Etsy and found some cute doll diapers, but they were not quite what we were looking for… Then I remembered that Elves & Angels sells lush, thick doll diapers — so we placed an order to arrive in time for Bella’s birthday.

Doll diaper bag and diapers

The diaper bag is unbelievably well made.  Hand sewn, lined, with so many pockets!  It comes with a changing pad, so your doll can be comfortable while she is being changed.  Really, if you have a child who is doll-obsessed like mine, you cannot imagine a better gift!

Doll Diaper Bag and diapers

A real mommy appreciates a beautiful, functional diaper bag that can accommodate all baby’s things, and a few items for mommy too!

* Special thanks to Julianna at Elves & Angels who hand-sews each item with love!