Growing Facebook

Facebook Fruits and Vegetables

We’ve grown our Facebook numbers through trial and error.  Lots of both… with so many light-bulb moments along the way.

We shared our strategies when we hit 30,000 Facebook fans and again when we hit 40,000 Facebook fans.  Now we are headed toward our 100,000 milestone and it’s time to update and share again…

These are the basic steps to start and grow your own viral Facebook page:

1. Open a fanpage for your business or passion.

2. Fill your page with interesting content so it is rich and juicy and people-pleasing right from the get-go.

3. Invite friends and family.

4. Refresh content daily.  Can’t stress this enough. Facebook rewards pages that work hard creating reasons for people to enjoy Facebook.

5. Take a look at who is “liking” your content and invite them to like your page.  Here is a tutorial explaining this: Facebook invite strategy.*

*Rachel at One Crazy House runs an ah-mazing Facebook Growth Strategies Group if you are interested, request an invitation.

6. Seek out other pages similar to your own and begin interacting with them.  Like, comment, tag, share from vibrant happening pages.* This helps the Facebook algorithm understand what type of page you are running and allows it to “suggest” your page to people interested in similar content.

*Find out about engaging pages with “fairy dust” and “goodness score” here.  (Join the Facebook Growth Strategies Group to access the video.)

7.  DO NOT like pages that are dissimilar to your own.  You will confuse the algorithm and your page will NOT get suggested as a result.  (Feel free to like anything and everything, from your personal page, just not your business page.)

8. Content is king.  Discover and share every day.  This is not just for the benefit of your page – but for your own benefit.  You stay on top of your game, vital in your industry, avoid ennui and burnout.

9.  Kick-ass images.  Excellent, high-quality and compelling.  ”A picture is worth a thousand words” – more true than ever with social media.  If you find a wonderful blog post with inadequate images – change them – here’s how: Change the main image on a Facebook link post. (Join the Facebook Growth Strategies Group to access the video.)

10.  Video.  Currently Facebook gives priority to all video content.  It gives extra priority to live video.  If you are not posting some video each day, you simply will not get the eyeballs you seek.  So join the party.

11. Paid ads. Only if you know how… Really, don’t waste your money throwing spaghetti at the wall.  Learn how to use The Power Editor by creating an audience in Ad Manager. (Join the Facebook Growth Strategies Group to access the video.)

12. Give it away.  Wow have we exploded since we found a way to make Copy-Kids free.  Yep.  We now stream free with Amazon Prime.  Not sure what your business offers, but if you can find ways to make it free and accessible in all or part, not surprisingly, you will grow your audience.

13.  Meet people.  Have fun.  So many great folks are using Facebook.  Engage with them… The power to build your dream tribe is literally at your fingertips.

100,000 here we come!

P.S. The affiliate links in this post all lead to the free pages and opps.  You will learn SO MUCH in the group.  All free.

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