If you are lucky enough to live in LA, you will be delighted to learn about Magicopolis.  We celebrated Bella’s 10th birthday there and really had a great time.  It’s an old-fashioned theater right in the heart of downtown Santa Monica just oozing with character and charm.

Magicopolis on 4th Street in Santa Monica

For older kids there are not a ton of local options for parties… We thought about doing a party at Santa Monica Pier but I couldn’t stomach the chaos.  We considered a tea party at The American Girl Doll Store but schlepping to The Grove seemed a bit of a hassle, plus Bella really wanted to invite the boys in her class.  So we decided that a magic show would make for a pleasant afternoon and as Magicopolis is located on the same street we live on, well, it just couldn’t have been more convenient.


Their website boasts that they take care of everything – entertainment, activities, food, cake.  Great!  Except that they have a strict no outside food policy… that was a sticking point for me.  Bella has sensitivity to dairy, I have a soy allergy, two of the kids we invited have gluten intolerance.  Ugh.  Fortunately, they were super kind and talked me down from the ledge when I had a mini panic attack over the phone… and they DID allow me to bring in some additional food to accommodate my guests.

Rainbow Cake at Magicopolis

The staff and owners were all so kind, I really can’t say enough about how pleasant the experience was…

Happy child at Magicopolis

The children were welcomed at the door and invited over for a demo of some simple magic tricks.  It allowed everyone to gather and engage and get up close and personal with the magic.  Next we moved into the party room.  Pizza, fruit, veggies were devoured.  After that the kids went to the magic class and learned how to do some tricks.  Then the cake was served.


Finally they all got to attend the magic show.

Fun at Magicopolis

The show was funny and audience-inclusive.  It was presented in little vignettes and I was personally touched by the poetry and artistry of several of the scenes.


Each child was given a small bag of magic tricks as a party favor as they left to go home.

Really one of our best party experiences ever.  Thank you Magicopolis for making Bella’s 10th birthday celebration so memorable!

If you would like to book your own party or just check out a show… here are their deets:


1418 Fourth Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Phone: 310-451-2241


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