No Bake Apple Cookies

100% Nature’s Candy.
Preparation Time: 5 Minutes.


Want to be healthier in the New Year!?!  Eat more apple cookies!

Apples are loaded with health benefits.

Almonds too!

This recipe is so simple…

Pick your favorite apple.

Slice the apples vertically.

Use a cookie cutter to shape the sliced pieces.

Spread almond butter on top and cover them with another piece of apple.

Decorate with melted chocolate.*

*Because of my sugar intolerance I melt unsweetened dark chocolate and added a touch of honey (you can also use coconut sugar) to sweeten it.

Use a piping bottle with a simple tip to draw on the apple top.

Cover the star center with an almond.

If you are serving immediately, no additional steps are needed.

If you are making a tray to serve later, you will want to dip the apples in a little lemon water to prevent browning.

That’s it!!  You have yourself a tasty, healthy, pretty snack to serve!