Painting with Produce

Cooking and art have much in common.  A chef stares at an empty plate and envisions something tasty and beautiful. An artist stares at a blank canvas and sees something lovely there too.

I got super excited dreaming up this next activity because it combines two of my greatest loves – art and food.  The kids were even more excited when I told them about it!

Copy-Kids-Painting-with-Copy-Kids_1We picked out our fruits and vegetables and set up a prep area – this was going to be good messy fun!

A wedge of cabbage, a string bean, an orange, a melon… and a palette of paint.  Kids love the opportunity to explore texture and geometry in unusual ways. They seem to instinctively see the huge potential there!


It was so beautiful to watch them create.








This activity resulted in some stunning paintings.

I think we all hope that our children will be able to make beauty from whatever life sends their way.

Today was a win for creativity, expression, imagination, and sweetness.

Copy-Kids-Painting-with-Copy-Kids_9 Painting by Isabella Kumpbel.

We hope you’ll give this fun activity a try with your children.  If you do, please share their creations on our Facebook wall.