Super Healthy Kids Meals

Have you ever tried a meal planning service?  Until last week I never had…

Super Healthy Kids offers daily inspiration for everyone on their Facebook , Instagram, and Pinterest pages.  I have been following them for a while and was just so impressed, I decided to dive in a little deeper and subscribe to their menu plans.

Super Healthy Kids Meal MenuSuper Healthy Kids Meal Plan Menu 2

So this is what our first week of meals looked like.  I went out and shopped right away so we would have all the supplies on hand.  I was pleased that these meals seem to have been devised with economy in mind – my grocery bill was not nearly what I would normally spend in a week.  I let Bella pick her four favorites from the week to try for our first day…

Super Healthy  Kids Breakfast

We started with Friday’s English Muffin Stack.  Bella wanted hers un-stacked, egg hard-boiled, and no cheese.  She ate the banana during prep!   Ha!  So we ended up with a more basic breakfast… but it was fun to have a menu from which to add and subtract.  Bella and I both thoroughly enjoyed meal one.

Super Healthy Kids Lunch

For lunch Bella wanted to try Monday’s sweet pita.  This was a yummy hit!  Apple slices and almond butter in pita bread – who knew a combo like that could be so delicious!?!  The side salad was chopped carrots, tomatoes, and cucumber.  Also a lovely combo.  We both agreed we could eat this every day of the week and be happy!

Super Healthy Kids Snack

Snack was Bella’s favorite!  Can you see why?  The recipe suggested almonds, popcorn, dried cranberries, and mini chips… but we swapped out the dried fruit for pecans.  Bella and I both LOVED the Popcorn Trail Mix from the Friday menu.  We will be repeating this one many times!!

Super Healthy Kids Dinner 2

Dinner was Monday’s Veggie Rice Noodles.  Ours was spelt spaghetti noodles with veggies.  Yum!


So our first day of meals was a success!  I should tell you that all of these came with detailed recipes and also sauces and seasoning.  My plain Jane daughter just requested the no frills version.  Also, we choose vegetarian meals for our household.  Any non-veggie meals can easily be adapted.  Chickpeas are a great substitute if you need a protein boost.

Our second week of meals just arrived in my in-box.  I can’t wait to try them all!  There is something nice about the feeling that thousands of families are trying new things right along with us.  This is fun.

If you are curious and want to check it out:  Super Healthy Kids Meal Plans

Let me know what you think!