The Baby Box Company

Do you ever read stories that bring tears to your eyes?  (The good kind.)  That was my response the first time I ever read about The Baby Box Co.

They have fashioned boxes after the type that are given to EVERY mother in Finland.  Finland drastically reduced its infant mortality rate by making sure that every new mother has a welcome box, chock-full of the items needed for an infant to survive and thrive through the first year of life.  Imagine that!  Yes, the thought brings tears to my eyes and puts goosebumps on my arms.  It is just so right.

The baby box co

Michelle Vick and Jennifer Clary are bringing this fantastic idea to the US!

When they first started The Baby Box Co. they reached out to the Finnish government in the hopes of importing the boxes for use in the US.  But there was no mutual interest… so they started from the ground up to create a US version.

Everything but the Stork Box

The boxes are available for purchase through their website, while they work to lobby the government to adopt the Finnish policy to provide these for all mothers.  Monies from the purchased boxes are used to fund ah-mazing projects for underserved mothers.

The baby box company

The Baby Box is designed to be a safe sleeping space for a newborn – in lieu of a cradle or bassinet.  The items contained inside the box provide a new mother with all the essentials she needs to care for her infant.

The Every Mother Counts Box

You have the opportunity to bless a new mother and have the most memorable, useful, and “wow” gift at a baby shower!  It’s a prezzie that both mama and baby will adore and cherish.  When the child moves into a crib, the box becomes a great place to store clothing or keepsakes.

The Baby Box Company

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