Waldorf Lunchbox

Bella recently started attending Kindergarten at the Portland Waldorf School.  The children who go there all carry adorable basket lunches complete with cloth napkins & zero waste containers.  Whole food lunches are the norm.

Zero Waste Lunch

These lunches are actually quite fun to build.  They have health, aesthetic, and eco-friendliness built in — so you wind up feeling good about every aspect of the meal.

Lunch Basket (1)

Depending on the weather, the children may eat outdoors — so it really is like a daily picnic.  The indoor meals are held at a large shared table where each child has an assigned seat.  The teachers eat lunch with the children.  They offer freshly baked bread, fruit, and wholesome food items in addition to the foods the children have brought with them.  No child ever goes hungry or has too little to eat.  The meals are consumed slowly.  No rush, no hurry.  Conversation is encouraged.  Table manners are gently taught.  It is oh-so-civilized and inspiring.

 Bella with Lunch Basket (1)

One of my strong reasons for choosing a Waldorf education was because nutrition is recognized as important to the overall success and well-being of children.  It seems so obvious.  Strange to think that strong nutritional standards are not a priority of every school.  They ought to be.

Counting our blessings.  - Cai

Note:  Food containers are from Wean Green, water bottle is from Lifefactory.  We purchased ours at New Seasons Market.  The cute little basket came from Spring Creek Store which is the on-campus student store at Portland Waldorf.